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Table of Contents Credit Union Management & Staff CU Manager's Guide
  1. Guide Introduction
  2. Credit Union Lending
  3. Delinquency Control
  4. Financial Stability
  5. Credit Union Accounting
  6. Internal Control
Staff: Member Services Module
  1. Do's & Don'ts (of Member Services Rep's)
  2. Cash Transaction Reporting (CTR)
  3. Sexual Harassment
  4. Records Storage
  5. Other Duties As May Be Assigned
  6. Identity Theft
Sample Policies
  1. Personnel Policy
  2. Investment Policy
  3. Asset/Liability Management Policy
  4. Loan Policy
  5. Collection Policy
  6. Dormant Account Policy
  7. Asset Disposition Policy
  8. Code of Ethics
  9. Disaster Recovery Plan
  10. Fixed Asset Capitalization Policy
  11. Privacy Policy
  12. E-Commerce Policy
  13. Internet Usage Policy
  14. Website Policy
  15. Security Policy
  16. Full & Fair Disclosure Policy
  17. Internal Control Policy
  18. Other Credit Union Policies
Archived Training Center
  1. Bank Secrecy Compliance
  2. Understanding Robbery from 2 Perspectives
  3. Financial Literacy Compliance
  4. New Employee Orientation
  5. Understanding Unemployed Tax Returns
  6. CU Collections
  7. CU Teller Training
  8. Other CU Training Programs
Board of Directors
  1. Understanding the "Credit Union" concept
  2. What is a credit union?
  3. Credit Union Network: A worldwide network
  4. Structure of One Credit Union
  5. Credit Union Programs & Services
          A. Board of Directors Job Description
          B. CEO Job Description
          C. Financial Services Manager Job Description
          D. Member Services Manager Job Description
          E. Member Services Rep Job Description (Part 1)
          F. Member Services Rep Job Description (Part 2)
          G. Member Services Rep Job Description (Part 3)
          H. Member Services Rep Job Description (Part 4)
          I. Loan Processor Job Description
          J. Fin Services Coordinator Job Description
          K. State Credit Union Leagues
  6. Directors' Role & Responsibilities
  7. Qualifications for Serving on the Board
  8. How to Become a Member of the Board
  9. Credit Union Annual Meeting
  10. Board of Director's Monthly Meetings
          - CEO Performance Appraisal
  11. Credit Union Strategic Planning
  12. What is Strategic Planning?
  13. How Does Planning Work?
  14. What Constitutes Business Strategy?
Supervisory Committee Supervisory Committee, Defined & Explained
  1. Purpose
  2. Qualifications for Serving on CU Supervisory Committee
  3. Supervisory Committee Structure
  4. Power & Liability of CU Supervisory Committee
Fundamental Responsibilities
  1. Plan Committee Activities
  2. Meet Regularly
  3. Attend Board Meetings
  4. Perform Annual Audit
  5. Follow-up on Audit Findings
  6. Report to Membership
  7. Monitor Board Activity
  8. Perform Verification of Accounts
  9. Conduct Cash Counts
  10. Review Returned Mail
  11. Confirm Delinquent Accounts
  12. Confirm Death Claims
  13. Review Bank Reconcilements
  14. Provide for Professional Development
Managing & Planning the Committee
  1. Managing & Planning Supervisory Committee Activity
Obtaining Outside Assistance
  1. Supervisory Committee's Need for Outside Assistance
  2. Types of Credit Union Audits
  3. Selecting Accounting Firms
  4. Working With Accounting Firms
  5. Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Describing the Audit
  1. Credit Union Audit Perspective
  2. Credit Union Audit Engagement
          - Audit Engagement Letter
  3. Credit Union Audit Scope
  4. Credit Union Audit Field Work
  5. Credit Union Audit Report
  6. Credit Union Audit Procedures
          - Audit Procedures for Chart of Accounts
Introduction of Credit Union Internal Controls
  1. Operational (Truth-insavings) Survey
  2. Accounting Survey
  3. Lending Survey
  4. Administrative Survey
  5. Vendor Relationship Survey
Credit Committee
  1. Explaining the Credit Committee's Role
  2. Introduction To A Loan File
  3. Loan Applications
  4. Income Verifications
  5. Credit Reports
  6. Debt-To-Income Ratios