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Management & Staff

Welcome to ICUT's credit union management and staff program that offers a variety of training and technical assistance. This program is divided into three sections, the Credit Union Manager's Guide, the Staff: Member Services module and the Archived Training Center.

The Credit Union Manager's Guide is a professional reference manual that offers executives the information necessary to understand the specific management issues for credit unions. The guide provides one manager's perspective on what specific policies and procedures are needed for a successful credit union.

The Staff: Member Services module will offer employees working in the member services department(teller operations) technical information related to the conduct of business. This section details the "Do's & Don'ts" of Being a Credit Union Teller" designed especially for Member Service Representatives, as well as provide a thorough explanation of some of the operating issues unique to this segment of credit union operations.

The Archived Training Center provides free access to some of cuSchool's archived training classes conducted by qualified professionals within the financial industry on operational and compliance issues impacting credit unions.

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