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ICUT (Internet Credit Union Training) Services is a worldwide provider of training to credit unions. This unique organization was originally designed to provide training only to credit union Supervisory Committees however, in recent years this site has been expanded to benefit all staff and volunteers. ICUT was created in 1997, and by 1999 was providing technical and training services in Africa, Australia, Europe, West Indies and the United States.

In addition, ICUT now offers direct assistance to credit unions in developing their strategic, marketing, financial, member services and volunteer initiatives.

Today, the following programs can be obtained through ICUT Services:

Supervisory Committee Duties & Responsibilities
Bank Secrecy Act Training
Credit Committee Responsibilities
Board of Directors Responsibilities
Cross-selling Your Financial Institution
New Employee/Volunteer Orientation
Understanding Financial Statements
Sexual Harassment Sensitivity
Do's & Don'ts of Being a Teller
Understanding Self-Employed Taxes
Understanding Robberies From 2 Perspectives
Archived Training Programs on CD Rom